• The first french ENGINEERING degree in cambodia

    A French "Grande Ecole" in Phnom Penh


    An excellent and recognized education system

    Created in 1900 ECAM LaSalle is recognized as one of the best private engineering schools in France

    • An excellent and world renowned education system of French "Grande Ecole"
    • Accredited by CTI to award engineering degrees
    • Strong links with industries and a wide alumni network
    • International Openness with 110 partner Universities in 42 countries




    ITC is Cambodia’s first school to offer a French engineering degree


    • A program aiming to support the IDP, Industrial Development Policy of the Cambodian Ministry of Industry. It meets the needs of Industry 4.0 in Cambodia and South-East Asia of increasing industrial production and developing infrastructure that must comply with sustainable development requirements.
    • An innovative program that combines the expertise of ITC and a French School of Engineering: ECAM LaSalle.
    • A unique opportunity for students to acquire cutting-edge scientific and technological knowledge while developing working methods and project management skills.
  • ECAM engineering at itc

    • A pathway choice between :

    Industrial Engineering & Supply Chain management

    Robotics & Automation Engineering

    • A Double Degree program: 1 Engineer's Degree delivered by ITC & 1 Bachelor's Degree delivered by ECAM LaSalle.

    Possibility of pursuing ECAM LaSalle’s Engineer Degree, Chiang Mai University or Kasetsart University’s Master’s Degree and ITC’s Master’s Degree

    • A multidisciplinary, innovative & practical approach with innovation projects and internships
    • An international exposure with a multicultural environment and academic exchanges opportunities in France.
  • Tuition fees*: 

    Year 3 and Year 4: 2 000 US$ per year for Cambodian students
    Year 5 and Year 6: Tuition applicable in the institution

    *Tuition fees subject to change in line with inflation and certain parameters


    Scholarships available upon request


    combining knowledge and working methods

    Engineering sciences

    • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
    • Materials
    • Digitalisation, networks & security
    • Product development
    • Industrial Organisation
    • Sustainable manufacturing,
    • Supply chain management
    • Mechatronics
    • Electronics engineering
    • ....

    Management & Personal development

    • Human and managerial sciences : Business and sales / HR and international law / Finance, …
    • Innovation management
    • Self awareness, Leadership / Management team / Professional ethics …


    • 3 Projects in which students apply their knowledge to practice :   eco-design, research, innovation
    • Fablab
    • 10 months of professional experience through internships


    • English + French
    • Courses with international students
    • Cultural awareness
    • Academic exchanges opportunities
  • Learning Goals & CarEer opportunities

    Graduates will have the ability to:

    • Design complex and multidisciplinary products and processes
    • Imagine and implement creative & conceptual ideas.
    • Manage and lead projects with an international dimension.
    • Communicate and convince teams and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, administrative services...)

    Graduates will shape the future development of sustainable production with skills and knowledge in industrial challenges, leadership, project management and innovation.

    They will have opportunities in a wide range of growing sectors (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure..) thanks to the business network they will build during their studies.

    Their international profile with English proficiency and Double degree will be highly valued around the world.


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  • how to apply ?

    Our next session will start on 11 September, 2023 for 30 students only!

    Students having completed 3 years of scientific and technical Bachelor can apply

    Application dates : from March 8th 2023 until June 30th 2023

    Watch the tutorial


    Start your application here


    Required documents must be provided


    Annual transcripts

    Personal Statement



    Motivational Interview


    Meet with ECAM LaSalle and ITC representatives to discuss your project and motivations to join this program.


    English Assessment


    This program is taught 100% in English, therefore a B2 level is required


    Scholarship Request


    Scholarship programs can be allocated to students with great potential and low income





    Once your application complete, the Admission Board will review it and make an admission decision


    Let us know if you need more information about the program and we will come back to you shortly.


    Information in English
    available in PDF

    Information in Khmer
    available in PDF

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  • FAQ

    A question? Find some information here!

    What degree will I receive after this course?

    After completing 2 years, ITC will deliver an Engineer’s Degree and ECAM LaSalle will deliver a Bachelor’s Degree.

    Students who chose the Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain Management Pathway can
    pursue their studies at ECAM LaSalle in Lyon in France for a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer Degree (Master’s level) and Chiang Mai University in Thailand for a Master’s Degree.

    Students who join the Robotics and Automation Pathway can pursue their studies at ECAM
    LaSalle in Lyon in France for a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer Degree (Master’s level), at Kasetsart
    University for a Master’s Degree and ITC in Cambodia for a Master’s Degree in Mechatronics, Information and Communication Engineering or a Master’s Degree in Energy and Technology Management Engineering.

    What are the admission criteria?

    Applicants must have completed 3 years of scientific and technical Bachelor.

    Applicants must be in third year of one of ITC's departments.


    Applicants must show excellent academic results and prove a B2 level in English (IELTS score: 5.5/6)

    A strong interest for the sustainable industry of tomorrow is required as well as an international open-mindedness.

    What is the English test?

    Applicants without a recognized English certificate (IELTS, Cambridge...) have to take our online English test.

    The test consists of 3 stages in which applicants must provide their answer within a given time limit:

    Spelling section : 5 questions with video answers from applicants
    Listening and comprehension section : an audio or video news excerpt with 10 multiple choice questions
    Writing section : a short writing exercise of 150 words minimum

    How can I apply for a scholarship?

    Students must provide proofs of family income during their application in order to be eligible to a scholarship.

    When does the program start?

    Next classes will start on 11 September, 2023 for 30 students.

    Can I study abroad?

    Cambodian students will have the opportunity to study at ECAM Lyon France for one semester at the end of their first year (EENG3) or beginning of their second year (EENG4).

    Do I have to study French?

    Yes, French classes are mandatory and students must pass a B1 certificate to graduate.

    Can I switch for another program?

    No, once a student is registered in the ECAM Engineering program, he cannot switch to another ITC's department. This is why checking the English proficiency and financial situation is very important.